Wild Wonders Tanzania - Safari Adventure


Day 1 Tarangire National Park   

You've been dreaming of your Tanzanian safari for so long and the day when it begins has finally arrived. We'll greet you, give you a quick rundown on what happens next and answer your questions. Then we'll take you out to discover what this incredible country has to offer. We think you’ll be impressed with Tarangire National Park. Most visitors love the distinct shapes of the baobab trees silhouetted against the sky that make this place feel like a fairy-tale African landscape. Or visitors remember the elephants that roam in family bands everywhere throughout the park. If you’re lucky, you’ll also encounter the big cats – lions especially, but also cheetahs and leopards – that are always a possibility here. And there’s a fair degree of certainty that you will tick wildebeest, giraffe, hippo, buffalo and zebra off your wildlife


Day 2 Serengeti National Park

Discover just why so many safari visitors fall in love with the Serengeti. Keep an eye out for big cats, even bigger elephants, and almost every kind of safari wildlife you can imagine. You might also see giraffe, impala, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, hundreds of species of birds, and that may all just be before breakfast. You’ll never forget watching these animals interact, whether you see a hunt, a vast herd or a mother protecting her cub or calf. The Serengeti’s scenery is also unforgettable – observe Africa’s iconic acacia trees, the park’s golden grasslands and great piles of boulders known as kopjes. Cheetahs on the Sere


Day 3 Serengeti National Park

You’ll get to know the Serengeti and its colorful cast of characters even better with another day immersed in its wild beauty. You'll be heading down more safari trails in search of animals in Serengeti National Park when we take you on a guided game drive. This is the best thing about many safaris, and you'll hopefully see many animals.

Day 4 Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro is a special place and the first time that you descend onto the crater floor is like no other safari experience in Africa. This is a world unto itself, one where you’ll encounter the crater’s 600-strong population of hyenas, as well as critically endangered black rhinos. You’ll also find elephants with larger than-average tusks, and more than 50 lions living in the crater. But it’s the sheer beauty of Ngorongoro that will most likely live longest in your memory. From early morning, mist rises from the crater, revealing steep, forested walls, secret waterways where hippos wallow, and a world of abundant wildlife hidden away from the rest of the world


Day 5 Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara is one of the most underestimated national parks in Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. Everything you’ll see here is on a different scale, at once compact (this is one of the narrowest parks in Africa) and epic (the Rift Valley escarpment towers over Lake Manyara’s western boundary). You’ll see plenty of baboons and elephants in the park’s thick evergreen forest, and watch for the tree-climbing lions that have become famous throughout Africa. Thanks to the proximity of lake, forest and rock walls, the birdlife will also tease out your inner birder – don’t forget your binoculars. Arusha It’s a world away from wildlife and wild lands, but Arusha is an essential part of the northern Tanzanian safari, with plenty of scenes of local life to enjoy. Your Tanzanian safari draws to a close, and we're sure that you will have enjoyed it as much as we have.