Oman - The Great Outdoors


DAY 1: Welcome to Oman! 
ransfer to Fins Beach for an evening BBQ dinner under the starry sky and camp overnight to the sound of the waves along one of the beautiful coastlines in Oman.

DAY 2: CANYON ADVENTURE! Enjoy a hearty breakfast and get ready for the adventurous day ahead. The first adventure takes you to one of the most beautiful canyons in Oman.
Highlights: abseil an impressive waterfall around 15 meters followed by another abseil of 7 meters. Swim through the emerald green pools surrounded by the lush plantation until you reach the large pool of Mibam. After a coffee and snack break continue hiking through the farms to reach the cars. After the adventure, transfer to secluded beach in for another evening of overnight camping!

DAY 3: BEACH DAY! Rise and Shine! From the secluded beach, head into the mountains for a 4 km hike that takes you up to a viewing point of the incredible surrounding coast and several popular sights around the coast. Continue the rest of the afternoon enjoying water activities including snorkeling, jet skiing and banana boat!