Vienna - Salzburg

5 Nights



Austrian Rhapsody: Vienna's Grandeur and Salzburg's Enchantment

Welcome to Austria, a land of stunning architecture, rich musical heritage, and breathtaking landscapes. Get ready for an unforgettable trip that combines the grandeur of Vienna with the enchanting charm of Salzburg.

Your adventure begins in Vienna, the imperial capital of Austria. Start your trip by immersing yourself in the grandeur of Schönbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs. Marvel at its opulent interiors, stroll through the manicured gardens, and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Venture into Vienna's historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit St. Stephen's Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece, and explore the elegant Hofburg Palace, which houses museums, the Spanish Riding School, and the Imperial Apartments.

Indulge in Vienna's renowned coffeehouse culture and treat yourself to a Viennese coffee and a slice of Sachertorte at one of the iconic cafés. Don't miss the chance to attend a classical music concert or opera performance, experiencing the city's rich musical legacy.

Travel then to Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a city steeped in music and Baroque splendor. Start your exploration with a visit to the iconic Hohensalzburg Fortress, one of Europe's largest medieval castles. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and delve into the fortress's rich history through its museums and exhibitions.

Wander through Salzburg's enchanting Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit Mozart's Birthplace, where the famous composer was born, and explore the vibrant Getreidegasse, lined with charming shops and historic buildings.

Immerse yourself in the Sound of Music by taking a tour that visits filming locations from the beloved movie. Discover the picturesque landscapes of Salzkammergut, including Lake Wolfgang and the quaint village of St. Gilgen.

Explore the Mirabell Palace and Gardens, known for their manicured lawns, vibrant flower beds, and grand fountains. Take a leisurely walk through the gardens and admire the statues and sculptures that adorn the grounds.

You'll leave Vienna and Salzburg with cherished memories of their unique charms. The imperial grandeur of Vienna and the enchanting beauty of Salzburg will have captivated your heart, showcasing the captivating essence of Austria's cultural and natural wonders.


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